For starters, I’m very glad I went to Sequoia with my parents. You know that stage when you’re sick, especially with cancer, where you’re healthy one minute, and then bam it hits your body like a ton of bricks? Well these past few weeks my dad’s been feeling very tired and has a hard time eating. So it’s just strange, when I drive around and see these old men driving, going about their business. Is it wrong of me to get extremely jealous? Like shoot, how on earth did you get that old and you’re healthy as a fiddle? Why can’t my dad get that old and still rock. My dad’s 76 now, I was hoping to at least have a good 81 years or so, but at this rate, I’m wondering if 76, or even 77 is going to be pushing it. Quite frankly I’m surprised, after the last stint in the hospital, I think everything past six months is on borrowed time. But we boys have a healthy way of repressing emotions. But back to the topic at hand. Yes I am jealous of people with father’s that are much older. And yes, I really should be lucky to have this much time with my father already. Some people lose their parents when they’re much younger, so who am i to complain right? But at some point I will be moving in with them again, just to spend more time with my parents. It’s inevitable.


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