The CD is dead! Long Live the CD!

Remember the day when you used to ride your bike to a WhereHouse music store, or the now defunct Virgin Megastores? This was before shopping at Target was cool, and Best Buy’s didn’t really exist. When a new tape/single was released, or even those newfangled Compact Discs of your favorite band was released, you’d rush out after school to browse the music selection. Take a peek at the cool art emblazoned on those albums, and then if you had the cash, you picked it up, took it home on your bike (if you were lucky enough to have one) and just couldn’t wait to unwrap it and look at the inside sleeve, just hoping that they weren’t lame and included the lyrics so you could sing along. (yes, this even pre-dated the internet). Well, back then they had BBS’s powered by your trusty quick 24bps modem or if you were posh like I was and sported a speedy 14.4 baud US robotics modem (the Ferrari of modems back in the day).

Well today I picked up 2 albums (something I haven’t done in awhile), because MP3’s practically replaced the compact disc. During college, when Mp3’s started hitting the web, they were actually free to download before the mainstream populace caught on. Then companies caught on, legistlation was passed, and the sites started shutting down due to the account that they started to become illegal. But I remember going to the college labs at USC, and bringing my trusty Iomega Zip drive (remember those?) and downloaded tons of music (this of course pre-dated Napster).
I was even the first to buy a newfangled 32megabyte MP3 player from one of the first few companies that started producing them. The Diamond Rio. (yes there are players that that pre-dated that but they debuted in Asia. The Rio really hit the U.S. market and was somewhat more mainstream)

If I recall, I remember buying the Rio for practically free because this was the era of the .COM Ahhh yes, when non brick and mortar sites started popping up, they were giving away things left and right to attract customers. Super coupon deals at Buy one DVD get a free DVD at….gee..I can’t even remember the site now, it’s been that long. (and of course, this was when DVD’s first hit the market) Man I feel super old now.

At any rate, yes, I picked up 2 albums.
4:13 Dream by the Cure
Chinese Democracy by Guns and Roses.

Of course, the same nostalgic euphoria hit me as I couldn’t wait to leave Target (haha it’s now apparently cool to shop there these days) and check out the inside sleeves to see if they had lyrics.
It’s good to know, no matter how old you get. Or how technology and times changed many things, some things just don’t change at all.


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