ThanksGiving food coma

today was an interesting day. I think I ate way too much. Whelp, today my dad and i went to visit grampa at forest lawn.

It’s kinda odd, every time I drive to that place and I see that huge white building and I get flashbacks of when I was in sixth grade, when grandpa passed away. It was a milestone I think in my life. It was the first and only time I’ve seen my dad cry (which can be pretty traumatizing when you’re a boy who’s never seen that before in his father). The wake was for a few days and every single day after school, I had to go to the wake. Which made me quite miserable. I think one day I rebelled, and my brother had to call all my friends to find me and take me back there to Forest Lawn to attend the wake. I think I still feel guilty over that, but as a kid, it was really the only thing you could do. Stressful situations? Run away! Everything was much simpler back then. But yeah today as we drove by the doors to that big white building was closed, and I was thankful. I didn’t want a family to have to attend a wake, during thanksgiving.

Well, we visited and of course the two plots next to grandma and grandpa are of course ours. My parents bought them for themselves, so my dad threw me this question out of left field. He said, should I get the one on the left? or the one on the right? To which I retorted, clearly you want to be next to your mom, so the one on the left. To which , he agreed. So the funny thing was he walks over to the plot on the right and wanted to know if it was male or female. And he joked, “If it belonged to a male, then he’s gonna get the one on the right so he can’t flirt with mom. haha…I told him he was insane, and he said clearly he was kidding. But I just thought it was funny.


These pics were of us taking chopsticks and hammers to make sure the flowers we bought stayed in place. Afterwards, we went home to eat an Asian Thanksgiving dinner. Lots o food…to which I came back home to eat leftovers from Chrissie’s family’s Thanksgiving dinner (Honey baked ham, yams with marshmellows, and a tasty mashed potato, replete with home made pumpkin pie). slurp.


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