I think my fish has cancer

Booo…one of my fish I think has cancer of some sort. He has an abnormal growth from his stomach, sorta as if he’s swallowed something huge like a big D cell battery….he’s gone much more pale as the days go by, and I notice he’s struggling a lot to try to even swim correctly. I named the twins Dumb and Dumber, but alas, I think Dumb within the next coming weeks will be alone, because his close pal Dumber may not make it through next week. I don’t have it in me to just put him out of his misery, and I’ll probably have nature take it’s course. But I do think he’s suffering. He’s swimming upside down, and sometimes just lays there, waiting to die. But it’s interesting, sometimes he has good days, and he’s swimming along and playing with Dumber, as if nothing is wrong. But you can totally see it in his eyes. He does seem a tad lethargic. It’s not surprising, I don’t think. These fish are actually freaks of nature. They’re smiling fish. A cross breed between two species that really were not meant to exist on this planet. But of course people bred and sold them. Some pet stores don’t even carry them, just simply because they think it’s unethical. In order to breed them, so they can get their grin, they sometimes have a lot of defects. Well I inherited these fish from one of my aunts, and they’ve been with me for about 4-5 years now. It does suck, and this is why I can’t have a dog or a cat. I get depressed when my fish aren’t feeling well, let alone a big fluffy animal.
Whelp, I’ll see how long he lasts. I don’t think he’ll get any better, as this growth will most likely continue to grow until his own body kills him. I guess it goes to show that this disease affects everything in the animal kingdom.


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