class is now in session!

well, today I met up with someone I’m tutoring in photography. It was an interesting and fun first experience. I think I’ve decided I’ve learned something new today. People don’t care that they have a 1.6crop, 1.3crop, or a full frame camera. They really just want to learn how to use the tools that they currently have effectively, and how to just generally shoot better photos. So with that in mind, I think for next time I’m going to try to skip the the more esoteric technical jargon (though personally, I think knowing you have to multiply every lens you own by 1.6 and why is a somewhat interesting fact that’ll bite you in the butt later down the line). All in all, it was fun and rewarding trying to teach someone something new.

My wife was saying that there are a lot of upper level executives that don’t even know how to use word, excel, or any of the basics of computers, and they pretty much take night courses or secret classes to try to get themselves up to speed! Which may not be a bad idea, they pay big bucks to learn how to do how to add in excel. Yikes. But I think our generation just has does things differently. Things that come as second nature to us can be very foreign to others. My parents for instance barely know how to use e-mail. I’m sure it’ll hit us when when our kids start whipping out the crazy tech gear that we’ll have absolutely no clue how to use. Nevermind, I take that back. I don’t think I have to wait forty years. My dad kicks my ass up and down the block when it comes to anything remotely mechanical. He’ll take apart car engines and piece them back together again, whereas I’ve barely recently figured out how to change my spark plugs within the last 5 years. (though he kicks my butt in all things science/physics/math). Chrissie, my wife works her way through kitchen appliances and recipes, whereas I can only make fried eggs and boil water. So everyone has different skill sets, and everyone big or small, old or young has something out there to teach us and that we can learn from. All it takes is a good cup of coffee, a willingness to learn. My basic philosophy…unless you have the title ‘master’ or better yet, ‘grand master’ next to your name, there’s always something new to learn.


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