Sequoia Redux

So I’ve been on my blogging kick with pictures to try to tell the story. Here’s stuff from my Sequoia trip.
Well, lets face it. The point of my trip wasn’t to look at Sequoias, but to have a chance to hang out with this man.
Who happens to be my father. He’s 75 years
old, and currently fighting a bout with a small little disease called Cancer.
During this leg of his earth walk, he has fathered 5 children. My brother Trung,
and three step brothers. One of which was lost during his failed attempt on a boat journey to America. We made an attempt to hire investigators, but we suspect he was killed during a pirate raid of some sort near Thailand. He is a retired medical Doctor, survived through re-education camps after the Vietnam war because he was a pretty high ranking medical officer, and he makes a meean meaaan cup of coffee.

We rented a little vacation home near Dunlap. At first it looks pretty sketchy from the outside, but the inside of the place was pretty nice. The trip was very rainy

I went with my both my parents,


my brother, and my sister in law.

Chrissie has a lot of school work so she was unable to attend.

There was a ton of fog during the trip. At one point I had to get out of the car, and walk in front to be sure I’m driving towards more road, or running into a tree. Which is kinda cool, I don’t get much opportunity to take pictures inside of fog. I was very curious how they all turned out when I got back.
We saw this old tree called the “Sentinel”. Who is a mere 2200 years old. However, they say it’s technically not ‘that’ old. it’s pretty average for the Sequoia trees in the area.

We did a lot of hiking, especially a really cool place called Moro Rock.
It was approximately a 25-30minute trek to reach the top. My mom and I took pictures during our breaks. Yes, I’m aware she looks sorta like ‘Doc’ from “Back to the future”, replete with sunglasses, gray hear, and an eccentric yellow rain jacket.

All in all, I think it was a fun little getaway. Though next time, (hopefully there will be many more trips to come), I want to go some place a little warmer, so my dad can do more. He hates the cold. I’m not sure if you can tell from this picture, but he has a runny nose at this point

But I’m very glad and thankful that I got to spend time with him. When he was diagnosed, the Dr. Gave him 6 months left. Which quite frankly, scared the crap out of me. I brought along a video camera as well as my SLR to document everything just in case, though I must admit, the sense of urgency has dissipated. I remember when he was in the hospital, I used to bring in a recorder to try to just get the sounds he made when he was snoring, just so I could remember it. It’s very odd, losing a loved one. Life goes on, and eventually, you start losing little bits and pieces of memories. What they smelled like. The nuances of their smile. The inflections of their voice. Pretty soon, you start to forget what they looked like, to some degree. And I wanted to document things, if anything for his future grand kids. What sucks though is since I’m the one doing it, I don’t get much footage of me being with him. It’s all implicit, so I guess between now and then, I’ll have to get more footage of us interacting.

But at this point, he goes through chemo every week, and his body is taking it well. He was able to climb up the lower portion of Moro rock, and do little walks with me to see the trees. He even offered to drive during the trip!

I really hope when my dad looks back at his life
and be proud that he has raised two great sons. We immigrated to America, and we are considered first generation, and that we’ve done pretty well for ourselves. I hope he has no regrets, and if and when he ever arrives at the pearly gates, he’d smile
and say, If I could go back and do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. … well…maybe bypass the whole re-education camp ordeal…. and try to give Nghia a sister! (yes, I remember asking my Mom many times, that I wanted a sister).

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  1. That was a great narrative with photos. How long did this post take you?

    Where is the Sequoia National Park? How long was the drive? Another staycation option for us!

  2. the pictures took more than the narrative! But it was easy to talk about it when you can express most of it with images. Sequoia is about 5hrs up North, but it’s more inland, right below Yosemite. So if yer going to San Jose, it’s sorta closer, but not as close as you’d like to make a trip. Plus I think they’re closing the roads soon due to crazy icy dangerous conditions for winter. But yes a staycation! If your ball n chain likes places with absolutely NOOO internet! or cell phone reception =)

  3. Kathleen Rohner

    wow I am so impressed and touched by your son’s love for your father. Beautiful images ~ We all need to hold our loved ones close. We are blessed to have the opportunity to capture our time here with photography. Who said “the camera remembers all the details long after we have all forgotten”?

  4. thanks for the kind words Kathleen. It is true that the camera does help one remember the details, but it’s up to us in our stories and the way we raise our kids and pass on those details. Otherwise the camera will just pass on nameless faces, documented on chemicals and paper.

  5. You never cease to amaze me, your talent is only shadowed by your wonderful heart. Given my mother’s current health challenges, I could not appreciate and relate to you more…I only wish I could have captured more of my special moments with her in pictures…but like you, I carry them in my heart!!!

  6. This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing this precious moment, these special feelings, and opening your heart to us!

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