Boooyah! The Victory Dance

Yaaay! Obama won the Presidency. I’m actually quite grateful, that we’ll have someone who can represent our country who’s articulate, and not a bumbling idiot that every country pretty much laughs at. Never have I seen such cheering…world wide mind you, that we have Obama as president. I guess people are tired, and they do want change. With everything going on, and the fear that our country is just going to shambles thanks to the previous administration…one can say, “hey…It can’t get any worse”.

But at any rate, I’m hoping this means better things for the environment, and science and research. Maybe we can catch up with the rest of the world on stem cell research, and just get the US back on the map as a country where people go to for education. Granted, yes out of all the nations out there, we’re still pretty up there, but c’mon! Most teens can’t even do basic arithmetic.

So I am very glad that we have Obama and Biden. There are some policies that I don’t agree with, and I truly hope he doesn’t give any position of power to that other bumbling idiot (who threw him under the bus a few years back) Jesse Jackson, but I digress. Those are things to think about, if we can get past the next big hurdle. And that is to not have our new President to be get shot. Not by foreign powers who wish to undermine us. Not from crazy extremist… But sadly…by racist redneck retards from within our own country. I do have more faith and hope in humanity for that not to happen. However, history, is a very wise teacher. Plus, judging from all the hate legislation out there, and hate crimes that occur every single day. I seriously don’t think we as a people are beyond such blind hatred.

I think a lot of people would of voted for McCain. Bush didn’t screw it up that bad…ok..nevermind, maybe he did…but for arguments sake, lets say Bush wasn’t a nimrod. I think McCain’s biggest blunder was choosing Palin for VP. It was his most costly mistake. Many many people that I know (myself included) were just too fearful that there’s a small possibility that she may be the President if anything were to happen to McCain. So alas, I think it was a mistake that McCain can only make once. Ooohh…it makes me cringe every time I hear Palin’s accent. And I guess Tina Fey is very happy she doesn’t have to impersonate Palin anymore. Anyways, W00t.


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