Sequoia National Park

There was so much to write about as it was an event filled weekend. I had the honor of hanging out with my parents as we went on a family trip to Sequoia National Park to see the giant redwoods.
(yeah strange how life works. When you’re a child you need your parents, then you push them away, only to find out later in life how much you appreciate them, and then it’s just counting each day that you can see or hear them). Anyways, I digress.

There’s actually a bunch of things to write about, but I’ll get to them when I’m not super tired. Here are a few snapshots from the trip that I thought were kinda spiffy.

This was taken on top of Beetle Rock. We lucked out and had clouds and fog rolled in. A bonus (after the fact) was the fact that it rained the day before, so the puddles on the ground made for a perfect view. At first I made an attempt to just take the picture of the water puddle and some, then I noticed the fog was clearing and the blue sky and clouds started to shop up in the relection, so I waited for the cloud to pass by at just the right time before the snap. Well, that’s a lie, I took a few at various angles before hand to find the optimal spot where I could get a decent cloud reflection.

This is of my mom (yes she’s wearing a bright yellow jacket) as we both trekked up Moro Rock. The painful steps reminded me a lot of Italy. The view was spectacular, until this huge thick fog rolled in. (Which made for an interesting trip down, as well as the drive back. (alas a story for another day).
Season of mists
Even wrote a Haiku about this picture! Thanks to Neil’s Haiblog, I’ve been pretty well versed in the 5,7,5 syllables of a Haiku. Her yellow jacket plus the fog and the environment reminds me of a bow of the ship as she stands defiant against the elements. Kinda like the sea captain cursing the weather. In reality, it’s much more boring. She’s simply reading the sign.

running up that hill
take me, I am not afraid
endless sleep awaits

This was taken of a random leaf that was on the ground. As you can see it was raining, or actually raining. Lets just say I checked the weather conditions before-hand, knew there was going to be crappy snow and rain, and am really glad the “weather proofing” aspect of the camera really worked, and wasn’t marketing-speak for…”Oh crap, we really didn’t mean for you to get that camera drenched in rain.” I took along the MKII, and since I only own a handful of actual weather sealed lenses, I pretty much only took the 24-70 with me for the duration of the trip. someone bothered

Lastly, these were of the stairs as we headed down. Note the fog that’s creeping in.
descent into madness

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  1. Kathleen Rohner

    hi Nghia

    What great shots. Love, love the one of your Mom. Perspective on the stairs is awesome. see you soon

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