lameness all around.

Well I have a pretty packed weekend coming up.  I have my friend Eric who is getting married and I’m going to be a groomsman for that wedding.  So I’m trying to head up to LA and travel light.  One camera…one lens…done.  And it occured to me, I have two large camera backpacks, but not a single, small dinky little camera holder.  Arrg…that means I have to go out and buy one tomorrow.  LAME.   At any rate, the wedding will be in LA, and right afterwards, I have to drive home through hellacious LA traffic headed back to O.C. (no doubt from the party goers and drunks headed home from their LA parties), then sleep for a few hrs before headed over to my parents so we can make our way to Sequoia, where we rented a cabin and will do a family chilling/hiking thing.    And of course, I check the weather and haha..we suck.  it’s going to rain, and potentially be snowy.  double LAME.  I totally wanted my dad to see the outdoors and try to smell the fresh breezy non smoggy area of sequoia, and we may be stuck indoors.  ARGgggg.

Oh and when I head back on Monday, I get to do my civic duty and do a 7am Jury duty session.  I hope I don’t get pick.  Remember, I’m a crazy guy that totally believes in the death penalty, and burning crosses…the whole nine yards.  I’ll just have to walk in with that craazy look in my eye and twitch a little.  Maybe that’ll prevent me from being picked for Jury selection.  I’m aready behind in work, and me not being there for 5 days will most likely suck and add more work and stress. Yaay! LAME.


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