realistate and architecture

So I have a new profound respect for people who do this type of shooting. I now empathize with my friends Neil & Kelli who rents cabins and vacations in mazama at central reservations They have to take pictures of all their cabins to make em look good to rent. You know that retarded saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words?” Well in the business of architecture and selling/renting homes, if your picture sucks, it’ll essentially be like taking those thousand words, and rewriting them down to seven. Which breaks down into two simple sentences. “This place sucks. Do not buy.”

Since I plan to list my place, I figured I’d give it a whirl. Man, I knew it’d be hard, but I didn’t know it would be a pain in the ass hard. Pressed for time, I submitted these, but I think easily one could spend hours on these things. I always laugh at the Craigslist advertisements, looking for people to take pictures of houses for realitors. And it’s like 5 dollars, or up to 14 dollars a house.
Here I am thinking…wow, if the realitor really wants to have those sentences, “This place sucks. Do not buy!” all over their listing, then go right ahead. I think this work can easily fetch $100, $150 a session. If done right, you can command much more. People make a living doing this for crying out loud.

But like anything it takes scouting, a good eye, and just time to soak it all in. Maybe it’ll take two sessions to get it done right. Well for newbies like me, it probably would take a few sessions. But it was somewhat fun and creative. I think it took much more work to do this than say sports.

View from this morning’s sunrise. The moon was still visible..too bad it wasn’t a full moon.
Back view of the house. Even with a 20mm on a full frame camera, I barely fit the stupid thing in frame. Forget about the front of the house. I gave up trying to take a picture of it. My skillz aren’t that good to capture it. Haha..that’s another euphemism for you’re fugly, and I don’t have the skills to make ya look good.

The master bedroom. GreenBean and the hippo are usually lounging around on the bed. I had to kick them out for this shot.

The room where my fish sleep in, and my Transformers get to run around.


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