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Well, it’s official. I’m not really fit to be a sports photographer. So far I’ve tried Soccer, and now, tada. it’s High School Football. But alas, out of 1126 photos shot, I only semi liked and am delivering 171 of them. That’s me being generous. If it were really up to me and i was an editor of sports illustrated, I’d maybe select 1..or 2, at best. Next sport I want to try to shoot would be gymnastics.

But thus far, I’m delivering a dismal < 10%. Well, out of all the ones, nighttime high school football is allegedly the toughest, due to abysmal lighting conditions.
I’ve decided sports photographers in general at real football games must truly love their jobs, because I think shooting conditions won’t be that great. In a real game, you’re clamoring for field position, a bunch of other photographers the team members, security. There’s a whole bunch of people on the sidelines!
Please read this fascinating article on the sports illustrated workflow for a superbowl game to show that their life must be a living hell. My favorite quote is, “After 15,000 pieces of crap, we got a cover.”
Tonight I went with a 1D3 with a 70-200IS, and a and a 1D2 with a 300 4.0 and a flash. Had a monopod on standby in case the lights were totally weak sauce. Turns out at the new high school, lighting wasn’t too bad. However, after awhile I totally ditched the 300mm, and ploped on the 85L. I’m doing away with flash photography. Icky.

Anyways back to how they sports photographers must love their job, because I personally think it’s pointing, and shooting, and hoping you lucked out a cool action shot. The editors must have a field day too, because I’m just 1 photographer. Imagine dealing with a team of them, and having to pour through 10,000 shots and selecting 1 or 2 for the cover. sheesh.

My friend Juan Lara asked me if I wanted to volunteer to shoot some shots for their upcoming sports brochure thingyamagig that they’re trying to sell to raise funds.
I guess the funny thing is I never once attended my high school football games. Though lets face it, the people I hung out with didn’t exactly fit in with the popular football crowd. They were too cool for us, and heh, we were clearly too cool for them =) But I don’t think I’ll make a habit of shooting sports, I’m more of a portrait/wedding guy. Well, truth be told, I’m starting to get weary of weddings. They’re just too taxing on body and post process/album design just sucks away your soul. hehe. However, I did feel quite old. It did bring back some memories of high school though. As sucky as they were at the time, I do have many fond moments at Saddleback High. sshhh, don’t tell anyone I said that!


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  1. Very cool pictures! I wish I could take pictures half as clear. My nephews play football and I’d love to be able to capture some of the pad-crushing action on film.

  2. hah, the pad crushing part is actually pretty darn hard to get. They move surprisingly fast. I always get it before, or after the snap. Throughout the whole night, I never once got the shot where during the snap the moment ‘right’ before the slam into each other, or right when they slam into eachother. Maybe during the day when you can get a better shutter speed going.

  3. You photos are fine. Parents have differant standards than Sports Illustrated. I love shooting HS sports because I like the kids, the side line crowd, and the chain gangs. As a parent myself, the photos take on differant meaning than revenue. You are doing something that others can’t do and even though you are not happy with the quality, to those parents who buy your photos, you are providing them with something they will cherish forever.

    What I noticed about your post though, was not so much the photos, but how well you write! Keep at it.

  4. Thanks for the comments Shawn. True, parents have different standards then SI. However, we all follow the beat of our own standards right =)
    Usually you’re never great at something the first time. I think given a few more games, maybe during the daylight. But I agree, it’s not always about revenue. That’s why I like portraits or want to do more portraits/kids. You bring out the smiles, and people are soo happy and greatful.

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