W00t! I thought this up years ago, and now someone has invented it!

Ever shoot 40-60 gigs of photos? Tired of putting memory card by painful memory card into your reader and copy them into your hard-drive one at a time? Well, your pain and suffering have now ended. Meet the image farm. Vuela! The image farm Though, I do question the throughput and actual time saved, as there is still only one USB 2.0 pipe going to your drive, and even if they were in parallel, the weakest link would be limited by the IO on your hard-disks. But that’s besides the point. You can plop 4 cards at a time and copy them directly to your hard drive. Sounds like a dream come true huh? Well, till I saw the price tag. It was 130 dollars. For that I could buy three more seperate sandisk card readers (granted you don’t have the space savings of the single USB 2.0 cable). Oh well….Perhaps I’m cheap. (well, yes I am pretty frugal), but I think they missed the boat. If they priced this puppy at around 60 dollars, I would of purchased it. But heh, $130? give me a break.


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