um can I vote for Optimus Prime? and Woo a new show

Ok so I don’t want to invalidate my entire vote.  I have signed up for the absentee ballot and, and I’ve never done it before.  There’s one ballot for the state assembly, and he’s a republican.  So, it’s either the republican dude for assemblyman, or…the write in of Optimus Prime.   Seeing as, I’d clearly rather see the leader of the autobots take charge, than some republican bloke, I’m going to write in Optimus Prime.  Or GreenBean.  Either way, it suits me fine.   So the question remainds… do they allow write-ins for anyone else?  Like I can put GreenBean for assemblyman.   My current research indicates that yes I can write anybody in.  It pretty much counts as a no-vote.  But you never know! Those silly Californians don’t know how to take a joke.

In other news, I’ve finally taking a liking to a new show.  “True Blood” from HBO.  It has pretty much all the ingredients.  Anna Paquin.  Vampires. Psychics.  Blood.  Sex.  Drugs. More Blood. Violence.  Murder. Mystery.   Pretty much a clear winner.  The show in a way reminds me of the X-Men.  Where it tackles issues of racism and homophobia.  though in this case bigots in this small town don’t stand for anything that’s different.  In one ballsy scene, these idiots were in a bar, and since one of the cooks was gay,  Mr. Redneck A,  sent back the hamburger and said he didn’t want to have his hamburger with AIDS.  To which, the short order cook promptly walks out and beats the crap out of all three of them.   I love the real life aspect of it.  It’s gritty and doesn’t pull any punches.  There’s no ‘turn the other cheek’ in this show.  Plus what’s fantastic is, just like the Sopranos, they really have no qualms about whacking characters.   Too bad some of the annoying ones are still alive, but hopefully they’ll rectify that.    Here’s a youtube link to the  opening credits.  Very cool, I like the visual effects, and the song rocks.  Kinda reminds me of Chris Isaak. But is sung by Jace Everett.

It’s on episode 7 now, and they pretty much leave you on cliff-hangers every episode.  I give it two thumbs up.   Just don’t watch it with yer kids, it may give them nightmares.


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