foozball and Photography Lessons

woo well I volunteered to shoot a game of nighttime foolball this thur.  I suspect this will technically suck in terms of conditions for shooting.  Unlike the pro stadiums, high school football stadiums are notoriously dim.  However, it is a newer school, so hopefully it won’t be ‘that’ bad.    I’ve never done nighttime football before.  All research indicates that a monopod is a must, and iso 3200 or above is not at all uncommon.   I’ll be bringing along a flash, and a off shoe cord just in case.  From all that I’ve seen thus far, if you keep the flash mounted, you’ll get the lovely ‘white ghost eye, or red eye’, so I’m going to ghetto rig a low hanging flash that hangs on the bottom of the monopod.  I’m going to copy this bloke’s setup.
But I’m not too fond of the deer in headlights look of flash.  Especially since it’s outdoors so there’s nothing much to bounce off of.  Oh well, I’ll post the results sometime past thur.

Ooh and guess what?!  For the first time, I’m going to be teaching! Well, sorta.  It’s more private lessons.   I put up a posting on Craigslist awhile back on photography and photoshop lessons for $30 bucks an hour.  Well I got a ‘student’ wanting to learn! yaay.  I guess the day before I’ll figure out a lesson plan and implement it.  It would be unfair to them if I just walked in there ‘winging’ it.    Hopefully if all goes well, I can get a 2hr lesson in, and hopefully more ‘advanced’ lessons to come. bruahah.  Yeah right.  Though that would be totally cool.   If I can get a small group.  Say of 4-5 people.   At 30 bucks a pop, that’s like $150 bucks an hour!   Well, I guess that would be cheap considering there are workshops and seminars that go for like 500 dollars or more a pop. Psssh, clearly they are a  ripoff!


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Photography is what I do =) If you wish to contact for a photoshoot, send me an email or comment on a blog with your info and I'll get back

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