The ‘B’ conundrum

So I was reading this article in one of my trade photography magazines on the trend that portrait/wedding photographers are starting to add boudoir sessions in their arsenal.  The notion is that people want to give their boyfriend/girlfriend hubs n misses tasteful cool shots of themselves.   Or brides to be want to give their hubs a cool wedding present.  Then, a big white light bulb flashed right above my head.  Egags! What a  brilliant idea!  Well, I may have to charge more for guys ..simply because it may be a tad more painful for me.  However, “dinero is dinero”…that’s what I always say.

However, I ran into a little problem with the whole idea.  The whole discrete nature of this area of photography (If I were hiring someone I’d want those photos hush/hush and not have my exposed pics all over the internet)  seems a tad limiting.  It’s kinda like that phrase,  “you can’t get a job without experience, and you can’t get experience without a job”.   It’s not like I can say, yes I’ve done this before, here are my previous clients.  Therefore no one will hire me, nor can I command decent rates based on no prior body of work, and since I wish to remain discrete, the body of work shall remain a mystery.   I’d guess my same fee of $150 an hr will still apply.  Though the article stated these puppies go on avg. for 500 dollars or more per session.

Though haha I can imagine my interview process.

Me:  soo um, who are these pictures for exactly?

narcissist client: oooh no one..just like to look at myself.

Me: um…yeah, you’re strange… I’ll call ya.

see I’ll find it weird if it’s just pics of themselves just for the heck of it.   Creepy actually….though who am I kidding, I’m a money whore!  If it pays!  I’ll take pics of your 200lb tush any day of the week (That’s 90.7 kilos to my European clientele).    I’ll just up my fees and we’ll call it even steven!


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