The Great Depression

Well, I haven’t written, much. In light of a friend of mine being in the emergency room for an embolism, and well, hitting home the fact that yes my dad does have cancer.  (and not too many years back, my mom had it) He’s doing very well, but just thinking…the things I rant about.  The little crappiness that life throws at me is nothing.  Repeat, Nothing…compared to health, and friendship.  So really? What do I have to rant complain about?  I have my health, and a roof over my head.   With that said…well, I took a look at my etrade account today, and watched what I thought was a small nestegg I could fall back on (just in case) virtually disapear.…what happened?  Who robbed me blind?   Well, I haven’t even taken a look at my 401k yet.  I’m just too scared to.   But I’m the lucky one.   I’m not retiring soon, and young and can shelter this crappy situation the monkey (curious george) has gotten us into.  But hey, I guess I have to be optimistic.

I have the great words of wisdom that I read once somewhere…no no…not the one that says.  “once you reach the bottom, there’s only one place to go but up!”  It’s the other saying! The much cooler one.   “Remember, if you hit rock bottom.  There’s always a shovel!”.

So like many other families now. I’m starting to worry.   I worry about my job, my mortgage, and definitely looking to tighten things.  I look at my 3 (well now 4) stupid cameras, and think…I’m going to have to sell these, when push comes to shove.  I go through everything that I can liquidate to see if I can in a worse case scenario.  That’s what guys do.   We plan for the worse because we worry about our families.  So I’ve contacted a realitor and seeing if I can sell my house.  I bought it in 2001, was very very proud of my accomplishment, but now it’s really time to go.  Yes I love the view…but really… I can do without paying a ridiculous mortgage.   So if I can sell this house, and get something smaller, but where I don’t have to worry.  Then that piece of mind will be worth every penny.    Course, the trick is in a very slow economy and tightening credit, no one can buy million dollar homes, let a lone get funding for one.  But hey, it’s worth a shot.  I just want out.   My wife now is going back to school, and working…and it sucks to see her just tired as all heck, struggling to do both.

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