arrggg stupid house. (again)

so my backyard pipes I guess sprung another leak. I’ve decided to call Antonio back to just eradicate all sprinklers in my backyard. Noo more sprinklers. Then of course, the stupid thing that I called Mr. Rooter for that cost me nearly 1.7k (fixing a pump) has decided to not work anymore. 2 months! I’ve called the company and of course they can’t bring anyone in until tomorrow. But I shall raise hell. Arg…I wish our loser president will get out of office, and hopefully the new one will be capable of fixing his little(big) mess so I can sell my house. Arrrggg..arrgg…
I’m now drowning in my sorrows i with Stargate episodes.


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  1. Ahh. Stargate. hubs drowns his sorrows with StarTrek. Hope house stuff gets better.

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