Photography as a profession changed last week

So the past few months, the internet was a buzz with leaked specs over the 5D mark II. The successor to the first full frame digital camera sub $4k. I ignored it because it’s one of those, “my 5D already kicks ass, I really don’t need a 21mp full frame camera. What on earth can I do with 21mp that I can’t do in 10. The intriguing thing about is they did announce that it can take videos as well. Granted, if you really want to take HD video, get an HD camera. Based on some of the live view technology, auto-focus may be a bit problematic, but regardless. Here’s a link to Vincent’s laforet’s website. His credentials by the way, is that he was marked one of the top 10 wedding photographers in the ‘nation’.
So I guess if you’re as badass as he is, Canon lets you borrow their prototype to play around with it.
Link to 5D sample video
Watch the reverie video, and if you’re interested there’s a video on how some of that stuff was shot, which was pretty cool as well. So if you watch the quality and don’t wet your pants, then clearly you don’t have a libido.

I’ve told Chrissie I’ve always wanted to dabble in video as soon as I conquer stills. I probably have a few more years before I can remotely consider myself proficient in stills. But wooo the prospect of taking videos using the full range of my canon lenses makes me as giddy as a little school girl. At first I dismissed it as another gimmick that I’ll never used. Just like Live View. I still assert that video should be done well..with a dedicated video camera. But I mean…Really, I can give the bird to brides looking for video of their weddings, but don’t wan’t to pay 3-4k for a videographer in addition to their photographer. Instead, pay the photographer, say an additional 1k or more and heck, I’ll hire someone to use the 5DMKII, get videos of the footage that matters ( the ceremony, speeches at reception) and call it a day! Edit, put sound, integrate it to a slideshow, and vuela.

It’s still a tad slow. 3.9FPS, but really, if you’re using the 5D or 5DII for that matter to take quick sports pics, then you’ve clearly chosen the wrong gear for the job. Another nifty feature is the ability to split Raw into 2 smaller forms. Up till now, all we had were RAW and sRAW which I must admit I’ve never use because it’s too bloody small. Now the 5DII introduced sRAW1 and sRAW2. So if you really don’t want to blow 21mp per shot, you can do sRAW2, and I believe it’s 11mp, and then sRAW1 which is still like tiny. But regardless, the price tag for this puppy MSRP is about $2.6 thousand. Which Is much much cheaper than when the 5DI first came out, which was about 3 grand. Yes, comparatively speaking 2.6k is much cheaper than the 4k MarkIII, so in theory…it’s a bargain! But alas…with the crappy economy the way it is, I will not be picking up a 5DMKII when it’s released. …ok..that’s what I said about all my other cameras, but I really mean it this time!
(maybe if I book 3 weddings next year, I may splurge a little)…. =)


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