Its official. Owning a house = Suxor

People who say it’s good to own a house…are smoking heavy heavy doses of crack, weed, and other abusive substances.  Lets see: maintenance, repair, insurance….all a big pain in the arse.  A few months back, my sewage pusher upper thingamabober busted.  That was 1.6k to fix.  (All houses on a hill who are not street level need a sewage pusher upper thingamabober to pump all the water from the house upwarsd to the street level to the main sewage line), hence every year all houses who are on a hill like mine must get their water pressure tested.  Tis mandatory law.  Anyways, I digress..  So a few years back due to the rains, I had to clear out some mold and redo one of the rooms.  That cost like 7k.

Now, my water heater broke.  My wife said, “honey, I think we have a problem, we have no hot water”.  To which I mumbled in my head.  Oh $h!t.  So I quickly donned my manly flashlight and stumbled onto my basement.  And well what do you know..  a puddle of water.  Yes, the heater went bust.  So tomorrow I have to call mr. plumber guy, bend over as he rams his skyrocket plumbing prices up my balloon knot, and brace myself for how much this will cost me.  I swear, when this housing market picks up, view be damned.  I’m going to sell this house and get me a small little one…or rent.  I’m not sure yet.   Lets see, bought this place in Oct of 01.  Seven years is good enough.  I’m over it.  I’m over the house, the movie room, all of it.  Just give me my computer room, my cameras, and a place to sleep, and I”m happy as a pickle.   (I’ve decided the phrase happy as clams is retardmo.  How can clams be happy?) Pickles on the other hand, everyone loves a crunchy pickle.  yumm…


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Photography is what I do =) If you wish to contact for a photoshoot, send me an email or comment on a blog with your info and I'll get back

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