3AM….I can’t sleep. How bout some statistics?

I can’t bloody sleep tonight. Maybe it’s because my house is pissing me off. Soo, in an effort to procrastinate from work, I decided to run some stats on my flickr account.  I started Flickr 3years ago.  First photo was posted on April of 2005.  Since then, I’ve gotten (and this is not including me as the stats don’t take my ip/login views into account) a total of 179,694 visitors.  Wow…well, that’s probably not impressive compared to most people, but to me.  Holy shiza, that’s a huge number.  Last week alone, I’ve had 1,545 visits.   ooh la la.

hmm… I’ve posted 9,634 photos….Of which 165 different people marked those photos as a ‘favorite’.  See, if I was a cup half empty kinda bloke, I’d say that’s a pathetic 1.7% of my photos.  However, I’m not really a cup half empty sorta guy.  So I think to myself,  how can I take better pictures so i can get 2%!I guess I’ll just need post another 9 thousand photos =)

What really knocks my socks off…is out of all the places I’ve seen, or cool things I’ve shot.  My most ‘Interesting’ photo according to flickr is:

Optimus Prime

It doesn’t mean it got the most views.  Interesting takes a few factors into account. 19 different people added that as their favorite with 1.3k individual views.   hah, and it’s of my Optimus Prime toy!  Oh yeah baby, transformers rule.  What’s great about it is…no it wasn’t taken with my uber expensive DSLR with an equally uber expensive lens.  It was taken with my first digital camera, the Canon S1 IS. 4mp, semi point and shoot fitted with a macro filter.  Yup. yup…. I should really just show up at weddings with that camera instead.  As it clearly takes interesting photos!


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Photography is what I do =) If you wish to contact for a photoshoot, send me an email or comment on a blog with your info and I'll get back

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