Sure, that was a brilliant idea….NOT!

So I finally finished the Michael and Hung set.  Well, that’s a lie, I finished it a week ago, I just finally decided to put it up online.  Reason was I did do an album and I wanted it to be a surprise so they see the pictures for the first time on the album as opposed to online.  Well the album is complete and is in  the printing queue, plus they are on their honeymoo, so I figured it doesn’t hurt to put the pics up online.  It was my first Jewish, same sex wedding.  At any rate, I’ve now decided, as a general rule, pictures mean a little more when you’re surprised.  The whole set can be seen here: hung and michael

At any rate, back to the topic at hand.  So have you ever patted yourself on the back for a brilliant idea (well it seemed so at the time), and then afterwards, you looked back at that concept in total disgust.  Then wondered, “what the heck were you thinking at the exact moment you decided to take that shot”?  Well…I have.  It was the wedding rings.   Have I told you the wedding rings were what I hate the most at a wedding?  Literally, this is the exact scenario.  For all you aspiring wedding photographers, practice this a lot:

1) take two shiny objects preferably diamond and a shiny ring.
2) Give yourself five minutes (usually all the time you have).
3) have a friend pick a random time slot between 5 and 8pm because on avg. that’s usually the time slots of the reception when the rings are available, and you never know when they’ll be free, so on the most part, it’s a random light schedule.
4) now the fun part, use a random room, with random ornaments and decoration, and random lighting. Now make the rings look spiffy!
5) don’t forget the 5 minutes part.

The thing is, you really only have one shot at it. I have never lowered my head in shame and had to ask the happy couple the next day or week or whatever, to have their rings so I can take pictures of it again. It’ll totally be out of context, and well, not to mention the fact that unless you lost the images, you as a photographer TOTALLY SUCK! if you have to do that. Yup…that’s right..I said that out loud. Anyways, so I’ve painted the scenario, and why I hate the rings. It’s one of the most important shots, and not to mention, the most difficult, creative, and challenging, all rolled into a neat little package aptly titled, “hell”.

So, I have the rings, and I walk into the reception area, scanning for a suitable location to take these in. Tick..tick…tick…that’s the internal clock ticking. I can’t putz around with these too long because I’ll be missing opportune shots while I’m doing this. So aha! Since it’s a Tiffany themed cake, replete with Tiffany rings, I figured what better place to do the rings shots than near the cake. It turned out pretty good, I thought.

Of course, on the tables, they sprinkled little hearts and little rings (as seen in the picture below).
So seeing as I don’t want to clutter the 2 rings with a bunch of little rings, I moved the rings aside…but wooo what’s this I see?! Little hearts… I thought to myself, “awwww, wouldn’t it be a brilliant idea to put the hearts on the rings and take the picture?” ..[sarcasm]Gee Nghia…What a fantastic idea.[/sarcasm]

See, at this point, as I was taking these, if I could take my arm out of its socket and pat myself on the back…I would have. But as you can see when you look at my shameful pictures below, you’ll wonder, how on earth did this guy ever get hired? When I was in post process…I just gasped….Wow…what a tremendous cluster%!@k. It just ooozed cheese, and I wish I could take the hearts out in post process, (trust me I’ve tried), but the way it’s positioned, it’s just too darn hard without ruining it. So yeah, now, if I could take my arms out of their sockets and slap myself on the face. I would have. Heck, I’d fire myself if I could. Anyways…below is the shameful cheesy evidence. Please prepare your crackers ready as I’m about to pour a generous amount of cheese.

But…there is a light at the end of this tunnel. I guess experience is worth something eh? It’s as if I subconsciously knew the hearts would just bite me in the ass later, I quickly took those rings and used a second location (generally I like to pick 2 spots, more but time never permits). And I think I redeemed myself.

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