You know, it’s really funny, the way time works.  At any given point in time, a  singular event: such as when you lost your first tooth, or the breakup of your first love, can mean soo much to you.  You relive it over and over, or remember it with such fondness, or feel the pangs of pain as it tears out your heart every time you think about it.  Moments in time where you could scarcely fathom a day in your life where you would forget it.

But the haze and fog of time usually blurs the little details, and as the years goes on, these events start to mean less and less, only to be triggered by shapes, smells, or a familiar song.  You’ve moved beyond it as a person, and life goes on.  There are events like 9-11, where it really didn’t affect me personally, but  I recall the eeriness emtiness of the skies.  I remember watching the news, and noting that cell phone service, even the internet was bogged down by people scramling for information.  Noted how our infrastructure could barely handle a crises 25 hundred miles away.   Then watched footage of the commander in chief, reading to school children, not quite grasping the situation.  And watched as we invaded Iraq again, fighting for Justice, and Terror….I used to drive to work in the morning, and note the time. 9:11, and think wow, I guess from now on, those numbers carry on a significant meaning, then laughed as I realized bad things happen every single day to people all over the world.  Big massive earthquake in China, Tsunami in Asia….I really don’t remember those dates or times.  As a matter of fact, those tragedies happened further from where I am.   I used to light candles on 9-11, two of them as a matter of fact, I think every year…except this year.  To be honest, it too started to fade. I’ve forgotten…this morning as I went to work, I didn’t realize it was 9-11 till the Stern show noted the date.  And I said to myself, wow… 7years later huh.

This doesn’t mean that it’s not any less important.  It doesn’t mean that a lot of lives weren’t senselessly killed, and our way of life practically changed afterwards.  From travel, to gestapo like legislation with fancy euphemisms, like the ‘Patriot Act’.   Doesn’t mean I don’t love my country any less.  It just means, that I think personally, my anger has passed, and life went on.   Maybe we can move on as a country.  Why go fight more wars and seek vengeance?  Surely we’ve killed a lot of people, sold lots of weapons to other countries that killed a lot of people.   Sat by and did nothing while other countries killed a lot of people.  We nuked two cities =)  (well, technically they started it).   Bombed innocents.  heck, we even like to start killing our own people  (Kent state massacre during the 70’s).

But humor me here.  Lets say for arguments sake, we take the high road.  Yes, you don’t like our foreign policies. Yes we’re infidels…blah blah blah.  Yes, you walked on our soil and fucked a lot of shit up  (excuse my language).   Isn’t it our own hubris as a nation to think we are untouchable?  But lets say for arguments sake, we said ok…bygones.  Don’t mess with us, and we won’t mess with you.  The moment….you decide to step beyond your agreement.  I’m just going to turn your country into a parking lot ( Well, I guess technically it would be a shiny parking lot.  The nukes and fire would probably turn all that sand into glass).   Simple as that.   But give peace a chance.

Otherwise, I see this endless cycle of violence repeating itself.  There’s no way we can win this war on terror.  There’s no reasoning with religous nuts  (and I’m also referring to religious nuts in our country as well).   So why not, just try to live our own lives and go our own ways?   Israel and Palistine for instance…man they’ve been going at it for a loong loong time.   We keep this up with the so called ‘axis of evil’ and we are bound for mutual destruction.   Though…what do I know…I just write code and sometimes take purdy pictures.  But I think the world would be a much happier place, if everyone looked at nekked pictures, had fun, smiled more often.  Not take themselves to seriously, and keep their beliefs to themselves.  After all, faith and spirtuality I think come from the inside.


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