Samurai Girl

I think I found my new TV crush. Well, not really the girl from Samurai girl rocks. Granted, I think she looks like a younger version of one of my relatives, which is kinda sick come to think of it. Damn why do us Asians look alike?! *sigh* At any rate, aside from the slight flaw, and the show’s uber cheesiness at times, I think it’s worth watching. There are three characters that are pivotal to the plot. The main character (the one that reminds me of my relative). The cute sidekick with blond hair that reminds me of Chloe from smallville. And the ex fiance of this one dude who looks like a model. I don’t really watch shows unless I’m doing post processing work. That’s where dual monitors are a joy to have. One is playing a movie/show, while the other one is um…’working’…yeah that’s it.

In other related news. Booy do I hate windows Vista. I must hand it to Gates. I think he single handedly sold more macs and linux boxes than any commercial ever can. My mom got a new laptop. It takes 3 bloody gigs of ram to even power that thing, and it’s sluggish and retarded. I wanted to throw it out the window…really I wanted to wipe it clean and put my XP pro on it. But, laziness got the better of me. That would require me to take it offline, blah blah blah…and she just got it, so I don’t want to mess with it at the moment. But I refuse to by another machine with Vista for myself. I think I’d rather get my spleen taken out. So useless…

Today I went to my parents place, and my dad and I took a trip to Costco. Well he drove, and we picked up an air conditioning unit for him. Ahh..the Asian Gene. See, he already collects air conditioners. As a matter of fact, their place has central air, plus he has a few window units. However, since costco has a ‘SALE’ on this one AC unit for 59.99 he just couldn’t resist. It’s like every cell in his body compelled him to go to Costco to purchase yet another air conditioning unit. I oblige and went to buy it for him. I mean, who can resist an old man who just wants a few more toys. I asked myself that very same question…gee, I already have 4 cameras, why on earth would I need another one? Alas, with that line of reasoning I decided not to question the insanity of my dad’s purchase.


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Photography is what I do =) If you wish to contact for a photoshoot, send me an email or comment on a blog with your info and I'll get back

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  1. Dude…you are hilarious…thank you for sharing a bit of your wit and wisdon through this blog. Once I find some spare time, I want to take photography on as a hobby…if you ever have the time, I’d like you to mentor me….Take care, don’t work too hard and say hello to the lady of the house for me!!!

  2. heh Thanks and Ohhh noo..the student can’t mentor the teacher! I’ll show you a few tricks or two, but I don’t I’ll ever be able to mentor my old mentor =)

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