Sports Illustrated Eat your heart out

Ok, so I took the MKII and III for a spin today.  Both with some serious telephotos, figuring I’d take a stab at sports photography ( heretofore referred to as SP).  A friend of mine Robert Burke, manned the MarkII with a 200mm prime, and I took the III with the 300mm prime.   I think he did pretty good for a first time photographer. I even got him to shoot in Manual mode!

So far, I thin as far as action shots, the 300mm 4.0 is a tad soft wide open.  Then again, I was being anal and pixel peeping at 100%.  the MKIII autofocus did a decent job. I did get my fair share of way out of focus shots, but really, what can one expect. The problem with having a computer decide what to focus for you (AI Servo mode, where it’s continuously focusing in real time), is that computers can’t replace the human brain. One moment I want to focus on girl A, the next, I want to focus on the soccer ball. But it doesn’t exactly know to lock focus on objects. Because well, to a camera, it doesn’t quote know the difference between the ball or the girls. What’s cool about the 1D series bodies, is the fact that they have pure dedicated focus chips. I’m not quite skilled in using them yet, but allegedly it can lock focus, on a subject. For instance, I’m locked on player number 11. Then a girl quickly runs slightly in front of #11. It should, depending on the setting be smart enough to stay on 11 instead of shifting focus on the new girl. Well, I haven’t quite figured out how to master that yet. I suck…

Technical difficulties I had with focus and lenses aside, I think sports photographer is a lot harder than I thought.  Well kind of.  It’s hard because you really have to anticipate the shots, and still try to frame in the midst of the action.  But all in all, it was more of an aim and burst sorta day.  I really miss trying to get the emotios and the story, but it was weird that my brain was thinking in action sports mode, and totally missed some of the more human aspects.   By the time I noted the shots, my reflexes were too slow to get them.   But my thoughts on SP in general is I don’t think it’s really for me.  A lot of it I think relies on luck (granted most of photography relies on luck.  Being there at the right place at the right time to capture the right moments).  The skill lies in the ability to successfully take that shot when it counts, and of course anticipating events as they unfold.  But I think in SP, it relies too much on the luck portion.

Doh. occurred to me I need model release forms filled for these posted, so took the set down.

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