Great Big Circle of Life

Back in 1995-96, a little Asian Boy hoping to follow in his fathers footsteps enrolled in a summer research program at UCI for the American Cancer Society. When I completed it, the head professor Bert Sembler at the time, professor who has signed and wrote my letter of recommendation to attend UCI/USC, and a few other colleges at the time. Well first semester of bio-chem and I realized wow, I don’t think I can deal with being a Dr. and to the disappointment of my parents, I switched majors to Business (Yes, that or underwater basket weaving was the quickest way to graduate at the time). So fast forward ooh 13 years later, to the wedding of Dr. Hung Fan and Michael Feldman. I see this gentleman who is a guest at the wedding and he looks soooo familiar. Towards the end, I had to ask and I told him I think he’s the Professor I interned for (well he headed it, I actually interned with one of the graduate students working under him). But long story short, he was Bert, and he did somewhat remember me! Turns out Dr. Hung Fan, who did his Ph.D at MIT is the co directory of the Chao Family Cancer research center and now heads up that program that takes interns (like me so many years ago) to UCI and gets them on the path. So hah it was just one big circle of coincidence and fate. It was just too funny. I’m soo glad I did the wedding.


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