UCI scouting trip eeep

So I went to UCI today during lunch time to scout out the area that I’m about to shoot a wedding for this Sunday. Eeeep and double eep. Well aside from the fact that I felt super duper old walking through a University campus, I had a mission today. And that was to do a location scout for the wedding this Sunday. It’s a Lovely building, but to sum it up. The area is green….the trees around it are green…and the buildings are mostly gray cement walls. There aren’t going to be much in terms of flowers or color diversity. Normally I rely on details or colors to make the shots. This time around, I’m going to mayhaps rely on good ole fashioned hunting and pecking for good candid expressions. And there’s some really cool architecture inside. I think I can make use of the stairs, and some of the insides, but I must admit I didn’t see anything off hand. Then again, I never do. Most of my stuff just happens on the fly during the moment.


You can try to plan for ‘some things’ but realistically weddings and events in general are such fluid dynamic beasts, that planning for things is virtually impossible. I remember back in my early days I used to get the event schedule, then visualize i my head what shots I wanted for that particular moment. Then I’d try to sketch out in a pen and paper the angle that I wanted (haha yes I was crazy at the time). It was a total rookie thing to do. The pretense of ‘planning or seemingly think you know what to expect that day’. I gave up on that practice loong ago. Like for instance there was an assistant that recommend position X to take shots. I smiled, and then zoned out into my own little world. Who knows if position X will be good for that day. Maybe a great big flower thing will be in the way of your shot during that moment when everything’s in place. So if you sit there and plan to be at position X, and somehow your whole world gets turned into crap when position X is no longer viable, then where will you be?

I’ll have to dig really really deep into my creative side to come up with some good angles. If anything this next gig will shift my way of thinking and it’ll be just completely new and different from a traditional wedding. I think this is fantastic experience for me. I am looking for an assistant though. Not in terms of shooting, but in terms of lugging stuff around. Grant will only be helping out for 1hr that day as per the contract/budget. Therefore I’m going to try something most interesting. The three camera setup. But I’ll need a human body to walk around with that third camera in the event I need it hehe. Any volunteers?


I was permitted to go up on the roof of the building. Though it may be cool, In hindsight, I’m thinking it will be a bad idea. I’ll ‘maybe’ get a few shots from it. Either with a wide or a 35mm lens. Most likely I’ll send Grant my 2nd shooter/assistant up there. But thinking about it some more, logistically, it may not be feasible. Heck it would be downright suicidal come to think of it. It takes a good 6-minutes or so to head up there. and figure the same amount of time to get back down. Usually ceremonies start and finish in a flash. And it’s just not a good use of resources to place him up there to ‘maybe’ get a shot. I’m better off keeping him on the ground at a different angle.

Below, I can possibly make use of the benches. Time doesn’t permit an off location shoot, but there are some great parks around the area. So I’ll have to make due with what I have. Boy…this one will be interesting. But I’m up to the challenge!

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