I’ve got the ShotGun Blues

How I love bugs bunny and those cartoons of yesteryear. I was watching a bunch of them, last night while fighting off an evil cold that I blame a co-worker for giving me. And I laughed my ass off, not because they’re funny. Just because, heck you no longer see that stuff nowadays in the politically correct world. I mean, hey it’s Duck Season! Lets take a shotgun and shoot Daffy’s head off!
Again and again! How fantastic is that?! And Le’ Peppe Le Peu! Oh there was an episode where they just blatantly made fun of the French. It was fantastico.

In other news. Canon announced another camera. Hah. the 50D Foool me once…is what I always say. I upgraded lets see, 10D, 20D, 30D..(skipped the 40D) and now the 50D. What in tarnations can they possibly do? They crammed 15.1 Megapixels onto the ‘SAME’ surface area APS-C sensor (1.6x crop). Now, maybe it’s just magic pixie dust. The marketing speak of Canon claim that they’ve ‘reduced’ the space between pixes to virtually zero. Here’s a quote.

“…manufacturing processes, plus redesigned photo diodes and microlenses, extend the light gathering capabilities of the sensor – allowing more pixels to be fitted on the CMOS sensor without compromising image quality”. *cough* *cough*
So from a professional point of view, what exactly do these extra pixels buy you? Tada! Yet another hole in your small wallet. Why? Because if you take crappy pictures before, the 15.1 megapixels goodness won’t make them any better. However, now you have to buy even more memory cards to store those pictures in. An ideal camera for me? between 8-12 megapixels.


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