5 drinks lead to bad autofcus? Or autofocus leads to 5 drinks

The wedding was pretty fun. Had me 4 drinks..yum, let me tell you, things are a bit more fun when you’re tipsy. At any rate, kids pictures are always a winner. Since I really didn’t want to piss of the paid photographers, I took a vast majority of the pics in my seat. Which kinda was cool because since I was shooting with all primes, all I did was leave my backpack open and switch lenses back and forth all night. No running around! I barely broke a sweat! It was fantastico. But yeah, some of the shots that I actually relied on, were out of focus. and I’m not quite sure if it was user error (primarily me being tardmo), or equipment error. Since there are many reported problems on the net regarding the MKIII, I’m hoping towards the latter. Which kind of bums me out. You figured paying that much for a camera body, they’d try to get autofocus down pat. At any rate, unfortunately since the entire day was shot at ISO 1000-6400 and no flash whatsover. I’m not sure if it was an accurate assessment, since focusing in near dark and asking it to nail 100% of the shots would be asking too much.



I like it because it looks like her dad seems to be thanking a higher power that he’s here at his daughter’s wedding. Kinda a random moment shot.

all in all I was pathetic. As a guest I really should be hitting on the spanish chicks that were from Spain. Actually, a funny story about them. I think they thought I was the paid photographer, so they pulled me over and asked me to take pics. I spoke absolutely ZERO spanish, but when 4 ladies ask you me to take their pictures…Who am I to say no?
They must of thought I sucked as the paid photographer because after I took the shot, I wandered back to my corner and didn’t pay attention to them anymore. I’m shy!! What can Is say?!
But I’ve decided Spanish girls sure can dance, and my next vacation shall be in Spain.
I joked with my wife telling her I’ve kept a few shots for my “personal collection” =) Or was I joking? hmmmmm…..

But anyways, back to me being lame. I think I feel most comfortable just working. I delivered approx 500 pictures to the bride as a wedding present of sorts. Took with me 18gigs. and let me tell you, I used up every single meg. (so around 1200 shots) I Even had to start deleting so I could fit stuff towards the end. Made me wonder how sucky it was for film photographers who have to change after ever 24 exposures. Though hey, maybe it’s for the best. They make those 24 shots count!
Next time, I think I’ll leave the camera at home and just drink. Things are easier that way.


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