Wedding Crashers

Well tomorrow I’m going to my wife’s best friend’s wedding. Normally weddings are really rather boring affairs unless you can drink, or take pictures. Seeing as I’m fully capable of both, I’m thinking it will be a blast. Chrissie will be part of the bridal party, so I’m going solo pretty much. I was going to bring my little camera (the MKIII, and a single lens) to not attract attention. Chrissie hates it when I lug around this hugemo honking thing around (I’m talking about my camera…sheesh you guys have dirty minds), anyways, I digress. So…as I’m busting out a 200mm prime, I ask her permission –yes, when you married you have to sometimes ask for permission *sigh* — to see if this lens is not as obnoxious for her. Since she won’t really be around me anyways, she says and I quote, ” I don’t care if you bring your backpack, do whatever you want.”

I was hoping she wasn’t looking at the floor because right at that exact moment, I think I just wet myself. Holy cow, I feel as if I’d just won the lotto. I quickly ran downstairs to the bat-cave (aka the floor where I keep my camera gear), whipped out my mini backpack and packed 3 other primes to bring with me on this fun booze filled ceremony. A Glorious day it shall be! I think It may be a tad overkill. Sorta like using a nuclear bomb to squash a fly, but what the heck. Nukes are fun. I did think about the real paid photographer though. I don’t want to tick anyone off, so I’m just gonna sit back and kinda act like the retardmo relative that doesn’t quite know any better. I’d have a $h!t fit if some guest came to a wedding with a ton of gear and following me around while I do my work. So following the golden rule of ‘do onto others as others would do to you’, I’ve decided to go easy on the guy by just walking around taking pictures of cute guests…um..for archival purposes. yes, that’s it.

Anyways, tomorrow will be fun.

back to me being crazy..and the purpose of this post. So I purchased a new used lens. A 300mm F4.0 prime. (Not the bigger brother who costs about 4 grand) the younger cheaper version (he’s only 1/4th the cost). But I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted the IS (Image Stabilization) version, or the one without. Rumors were abound that the lens sans IS was much better wide open at 4.0. So what was a crazy guy to do you ask? Simple….get both!

The far left is the one without IS, the one next to it is the one with IS. And the black one to the far right is the 200mm prime I ‘asked for ‘permission’ to bring to the wedding. In my next dorky post I’ll do a review of them all to see what all the hullabaloo is all about.


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