nature = 1 Antonio( Nghia by proxy) = 1 TIED baby!

So today in the morning, Antonio came by and fixed my PVC pipes. He silently laughed at my feeble attempt at patching it up. Really, what needed to be done (and I was too lazy to do so) was cut the pipe from both ends, and get a new joining pipe and cap and vuela. All done. Though In theory, I swear the ‘POS that didn’t work’ should of worked (at least according to their advertising ). At any rate, I am happy now, minus 100 bux for labor (not to mention the previous days losses), but it didn’t matter because I got back at nature! And my pipes are now fixed. I can’t wait to find out what else is broken in my house. yaay!


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Photography is what I do =) If you wish to contact for a photoshoot, send me an email or comment on a blog with your info and I'll get back

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