pretty successful shoot

I drove up to Laguna this morning to get to know the couple I’m shooting a little better. I think for the first time in a long while I got nervous about a photoshoot. I felt like it was my first one! I hoped I was going to do well. When I got there, first of all, in the morning, the Laguna Beach area near the 133FWY, that whole shopping area when there’s no people around is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous. So if I ever do another engagement shoot, it’s going to be there. I drove by with all these cool shots and ideas in my head. The textures where just fabulous.

So I finally get to their home. Wow…Finally I met someone who has a house that’s harder to get to than mine. I thought my hill was awful to traverse. Their hill has a ton of cars parked on the side! But over coffee, contracts and conversation (woo an onomatopoeia) I got started with the photoshoot. Ted, their teddy bear was clearly the star of the shoot. I left feeling very comfortable about the wedding.

This shot here I had dancing in my head. I figured…ok, top level professor, I can envision a very academic setting and shoot, and I had like a shot that I wanted to try involving the tip of the glasses. Sure enough, Michael had the perfect pair of glasses. I think in execution, I really needed a wider lens, and the backdrop wasn’t what was in my head but the proof of concept seems feasible.



I packed 2 bodies. a 5D and a 1DMKIII
I figured if I was going to do this photo session, I was going to do it right.
CZ 28mm 2.8
35L 1.4
85L 1.2

All I can say is holy moly macoroni. Thank goodness for RAW, as it once again…saved my butt.
The day before I was playing around with my white balance settings and setting all sorts of strange custom settings. Well, since this is a small shoot, I didn’t go through the ritual of resetting all my cameras. So I forgot to reset to the White balance. Sure enough, towards, the end. I realized I was shooting waay too cold with a custom tungsten setting. Needless to say, I was a professional, and was very calm about it. I just reset my WB and laughed in my head, knowing full well that I call always alter the temperature after wards because I shot in that format. Phewww…
with 3 lenses. All primes.


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