Nature =1 Nghia = 0

Today, nature kicked my ass, and took my gas to boot. I have this backyard that is now just dirt. But a for a few weeks, I noticed my dirt had 2 huge mud spots, which could only mean one thing. The PCV pipes to my sprinkler system (that I’ve used zero times) has burst, or sprung a leak. And if I leave it as is, my backyard will be a nice mud pit. Since I don’t intend to have hot bikini clad mud wrestlers in my backyard fighting for my affections anytime soon, I decided to do something about it. How hard could it be right? So I went to get a shovel, and some fairly toxic PVC fixer upper thingyamagig at the local hardware store. I dug my hole, and realized that roots from the big fat tree poked holes in the PVC, causing some leakage. Psssh…not a big deal.

I donned my trusty gloves (that came with the toxic PVC fixer upper thingyamagig (heretofore known as POS that didn’t work). And wrapped up the area…held it and nursed it for 30 grueling, hot minutes underneath the sweltering sun. Finally, vuela! I now have…a PVC pipe that is noo longer leaking in 5 places, it’s leaking in 1. I laughed…I cried…I cursed the $10.99 I spent on the ‘POS that didn’t work’ and the shovel, and the gas it took to get the aforementioned items. And then I couldn’t help but be reminded of those old cartoons where the guy would fix a leak..then another one would take its place. So…I decided to throw in the towel. I took my shovel and smashed the roots around me, only to find that rock + shovel = Nghia losing. Yes ladies and gentleman, when shovel strikes rock, it clangs and hurts like you wouldn’t believe.

So I waved my white flag…and have decided I needed to bring in a professional PVC/fixer upper-person-a-mabob. a.k.a. Antonio, my landscaper guy. Surely, if anyone can fix this mess, it would be him. Really…since I have used my sprinklers ZERO times since I’ve moved in there 5-6 years ago, I just want to disable the water all together. Is that too hard to ask? Alas…I went to the sprinkler source to try to shut off the valves…but seeing as i have oh…ZERO knowledge in such things, I figured I’d do more harm than good. So I have retreated for the day, and my backyard now looks like I’m ready to bury something in it, because I have mounds of dirt just piled high and a leaking exposed PVC pipe just laughing at me. Muhahahahahahahh……
Bruhahahahah…….ohh..I can still hear it now.

here’s a pic of the mess I made..Note the grass and weeds that grew because of the water from the mud. And You can’t see it, but there’s a tree behind there just laughing at me.

There’s that grey nub there…that’s the ‘POS that didn’t work’.. water eventually just leaked from the bottom.


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  1. Where did you get your blog layout from? I’d like to get one like it for my blog.

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