My Scarlet Letter

This series of shots here was really the low point that day. If there was a single blunder that I wish I could roll back time this would be it. So the front courtyard was beautiful, as I walked through it I’m envisioning shots that could be done using the main fountain as a centerpiece with umbrellas to boot. Or some of just the couple using the benches surrounding the fountain. Well, that was in a perfect world under perfect lighting that danced around in my head.

As we all know, the real world is not as forgiving. It was still early and the light that was shining in the front at the fountain area was unforgiving. The picture posted below was to prove a point. So positioning 9 bridesmaids and a group of people up front was just plain wrong on my part. But I was stubborn because I wanted to use the fountain the backdrop. Little did I know it would just go downhill from there. Positioning 9 bridesmaids was difficult enough, let alone the sun that was glaring down. After about 3 frames, shuffling people around, I decided it was time to throw in the towel and move out back where the shade from the houses made for much much less harsh conditions.

Something, I should of just done in the first place instead of losing precious 10 minutes or so out front. The bride/groom were on a schedule and we had to keep it. If I had to do it again, I’d tell myself to abort the front. The schedule doesnt’ permit it to go out here when conditions are better, just move on. I think there were a lot of good shots that day, but it doesn’t hurt to beat yourself over the few mishaps so you know what not to do the next time!

The sun was so bad, and the umbrellas took up so much space that the bridesmaids had to be spaced further apart to keep the umbrellas from hitting eachother. Again, in hindsight. I should of got rid of all the umbrellas except for the one, which goes to the bride. Normally the umbrella shot would work if there were 3-4 bridesmaids….not 9. Unless I had a crane, in which case I can rise up about 9 feet to take a cool shot, alas no crane was available.

So in post production, I looked at this and cringed….then hit myself. then repeat. So instead of just throwing it away like I really should have, I decided to put it in there just as a reminder to myself that To err is human….just don’t errr twice =) So as it stands this shot made the cut and will be delivered to the client. Which I guess is the complete opposite of what one should do. There’s an old saying, “Every photographer takes crappy shots. A good photographer, just never shows his crappy shots”. With that being said, I should only show my best, not sneak in my worst shot of the day. But I felt the need to do so, simply so that I can shame myself into doing better next time.

But I couldn’t leave well enough alone. The shadows on the faces plus the really bright sun ( aka super worse nightmare mixed lighting conditions) just made me decide to take a different approach to the image. Enter the LOMO
or LC-A camera. A poorly designed Russian camera that
that was a knock off of another camera. It is a bad picture taker as well. However, this along with the Holga camera surprisingly are the two most used post process effects I think to date. Yes, spending 4 thousand dollars on a camera, and putting a 1.8k lens in front of it, only to try to achieve the same effect as a 50 dollar toy camera. Yippeee for technology! =)

To make myself feel better, and make up for the awful awful shot, here’s a shot that I was lucky to have taken. And that was just a candid of a mother cuddling with her baby.

For those interested this is how to sorta get the LOMO effect I was going after.
Photoshop Tutorial


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