oooh lala an olympic blogger

This is pretty cool.
The guy in the blog, is Marc Aspland, a multi-award winning Chief Sports Photographer. Anything with the word ‘Chief’ or ‘Master’ must mean he’s got mad skillz. It’s interesting, reading on some of his pics.
I think when I retire I want to just work for a news agency and travel around the world to take pictures of the Olympics (my sport of choice would be female volleyball, gymnastics (male and female), and maybe swimming, but I’d reckon swimming will be rather difficult. Or take pictures of Presidents or important people, maybe do a whole book on Teachers of America or something. How cool would that be? to be published on Time or Life magazine.

He took 2 1DMIII’s and 2 1DMKII’s (awww don’t I feel special, I own em both, only difference is he makes lots of cash with his, and I’m just an aspiring bloke). At any rate, it’s interesting, I’m curious to see how all his gear survives the heat/humidity. Plus I notice on a lot of his shots are shot completely wide open at 2.8. I guess for a $8.3k lens (That’s K as in ouch that hurts the wallet) it is pretty darn sharp at 2.8
But what’s more interesting is that they allow a man…with not one camera, but 4 cameras roaming around communist China. He said the army followed him and watched him like a hawk. Which I guess is better than in North Korea. I read a blog where a guy went there for a vacation ( I don’t quite know why ), but they had very strict rules about photography, and wherever you went, there would be an escort, and my assumption is if you walked off the beaten path and took pictures of stuff you weren’t supposed to take pictures of. You’d magically disappear into the night, never to be seen again. As a general rule of thumb, I tend to stay away from places like that.

Anyways I’d like to try my hand at sports one of these days. I have a coworker who has a little daughter in soccer. She’d make a perfect tester. There’s a lot of cool stuff to take pictures of. I just haven’t quite discovered them all yet. I’m actually pretty excited, I’m meeting a potential client tomorrow to possibly be booked for a same sex marriage. I’ve always wanted to do a SS wedding. Figured hey, it could be a niche I can fill.

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