Olympics 2008

wow, so I was watching that crazy opening ceremony of the Olympics in Beijing. Wow. It was pretty badass. I think the best part was the globe with the umbrellas of children from around the globe with Sara Brightman singing, and the other famous Chinese dude (apologize I don’t know his name). When the fireworks started flying and it panned to the wide birds-eye view of the stadium, I thought wow. All the nations are celebrating, and for once no one is killing each other. I think for a fleeting moment, I felt happy for humanity. Like there’s a modicum of hope that we’re not going to all kill eachother and destroy the planet. Though haha, I must admit when the umbrellas plopped up and faces were on it, I thought…wow.. That’s sooo ballsy! The Chinese have thousands of umbrellas of Mao Tse-Tung. Then I realized…oh, it’s just pictures of children. But haha, in hindsight, it would of been much more cooler if they had thousands of faces of Mao.

But I give it to the Chinese, that was one impressive show. And the song at the end with the kids singing while the guy runs across the sky with the torch was simply haunting. The fireworks at the end, puts little Mickey to Shame. Though I guess if you’re the nation that invented fireworks and gunpowder, you better put up an impressive fireworks show.

Not sure if another nation can top this. Though I was thinking I wonder if those torches have an auto light switch. Just in case the gas runs out, or the flame dissipates. I mean, it could happen right?


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