Memory Lane

This morning I knew Howard Stern was on repeat from my satellite radio, so I figured I’d go through my CD collection to listen to a good old fashioned CD. I know it’s the age of ipods and mp3’s, and the Compact Disc is going the way of the Dodo. But something as simple as making a CD choice became a rather pleasant experience. I went through and realized most of the CD’s that I have conjured up some memory from my past. The Cure, boys don’t cry was the album I listened to after my first breakup with my high school sweatheart. Cranberries, No need to argue, album we listened to while hanging around with my buddies Jeremy and Viet. The list goes on and on, and after every row, I could name the history and where I was generally at when those CD’s were listened to. Now they are sitting there collecting dust. But for a fleeting moment they all gave me joy again. Even memories that were once painful are very pleasant because funny thing about time. When you look back at things years later, huge events that seemed so important at the time have now been transformed into trivial, blissful traces of memory. I now realize why older people tend to listen to music from the era that they grew up in. I realized my memories stopped after high school/college. Pretty much that’s when I stopped buying CD’s and I’ve been listening to existing music ever since, so my chain of memories from my music collection draws a blank after college. I think everyone after a few years should travel down memory lane and go through their tape or CD collection. If anything, just to bring a smile to your day.


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