workflows and Lightroom 2.0

Yippy, I don’t quite remember when the last time I was excited about software, until LightRoom 2.0 finally was released a few days ago.  I was traveling for work so I never got a chance to order it until I got home.  I had a love hate relationship with adobe.  They bought out Raw Shooter Pro (RSP) a few years back, made the creators really rich, and gutted the entire project making it obsolete.  Genius really.  But I loved RSP, so for awhile I refused to use LightRoom 1.4 .  It was just painfully slow.  It wasn’t until the newer camera bodies that were released did I realize that I have to embrace the change in technology, because my old RSP doesn’t support the 1DMKIII, or the 40D cameras.  Slowly I forced myself to learn lightroom 1.4, it literally was like eating bitter veggies.  It wasn’t until the beta version of LR 2.0 came out that gave me hope.  Importing went from dog meat, to actually usable!  I also liked the nested collections, though I don’t use ‘collections’ like I should because I can’t stand the way they are created and organized (But I shall not bore you with the details).   So I did participate in the beta, offering my 2cents in the forums and bugs.  Now that it’s out, I picked up the upgrade for a mere $99 and have just finished organizing about 5.4k worth of pics, shot from my last wedding.

So I got sick of spending countless hours on my importing and organizing, so with this last shoot I read about something new and figured I’d try it.  My photography assistant/second shooter and I Grant, synced up all 4 of our cameras to a cell phone clock.  The theory was when I took all the CF cards jammed them into a directory, and imported them into LightRoom (LR), I can choose to import and move by ‘timestamp’.  Which is perfect…I just shaved off a few hours of my life in trying to get these random cards and start shifting and organizing them in events.  It makes things soooo much easier if I can see in chronological order and therefore makes moving groups of photos of ‘events’ into their own folders much more easier.  I’ve minimized the ‘hunting back and forth’.  Since everything is in sequence.  So what took me about 7-9 hrs now only takes me about 3.5-4 hrs.  Bruhahahha .

There are a few tweaks LR needs to do in my opinion.  Moving photos from one folder to another isn’t the quickest, and it sometimes errors out.   All in all, I gave LightRoom 2.0 a worthy upgrade for what I’m doing.  If you’re dealing with <100 photos at a time, I suggest you stick to Lightroom 1.4.  It’s not worth the upgrade.  However if your workflow requires a significant amount of photos to be dealt with, adobe’s moving towards the right direction with 2.0.  I just hope they release a new patch that’ll optimize more speed out of it.  The thing eats my system alive.


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