So I’m watching a slide show of a couple that’s getting married, and realized that normal people who don’t have biography or shows devoted to their lives, usually have about 10 minutes to sum it all up.  These usually occur twice in one’s lifetime if they’re lucky.  Where the phrase a picture is worth a thousand words ring true.

The first time, is during marriage, where there’s usually a slide show culminating in two parts.  Birth, and following up to the moment when the couple has first met.

And the second time, is during death.  Where family usually gathers and you get to see pictures of the decedent, from birth, through the final moments.  That’s on average 50-80 years of one’s life summed up in about 10-15minutes time.  Etched in the memories of those who attended the service, and forever locked up in an attic or closet, to hopefully one day resurface by kids or grand kids, who more often than not, ask questions and wonder who those people were, and how they came to end up in grandma’s basement.

So then I asked myself, is digitization a good thing?  Or a bad thing?  do these images that are taken so much, and so often weaken and dull the importance of them?  We’re saturated with cameras, they’re practically built in our cell phones these days.   My PSP has a camera add-on that will allow a game system to take pictures.  We’re a society that’s consumed with images and pictures and they all will eventually end up –not in grandmas basement–  but perhaps in a landfill, or just the void.   I archive my images on my computer, and who knows…one day my computer may crash and I’ll lose everything.  One can say in hindsight, “dooh, I should of backed them up”.    But who really backs up their data?   I have 2 terabytes, do I really need to purchase 2 more to ‘backup’?

No one really get pictures printed anymore, in most cases the images live in the hard drive.  And when  I cease to exist, Is anyone really going to sift through my machines to find pictures?   More often than not, it’ll just get tossed away somewhere or deleted, along with any imprint that we’ve left in the world.   So maybe digitization is a bad thing?  We’re lazier, and usually we don’t bother printing everything.  Why bother?  When you can view the pictures on your screen, or get a nifty LCD picture frame.

So something to think about.  Get your best pictures together, in a printed album.  Like the ones we all used to have growing up.  And maybe, when the time comes for you to have your last 10 minutes of glory, they’ll be some good pictures to be left behind.


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Photography is what I do =) If you wish to contact for a photoshoot, send me an email or comment on a blog with your info and I'll get back

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