Ghetto Fabulous Product Shot

Well ever since I got the 1DMKIII, I’ve been wanting to take a ‘product’ shot of it. It’s really my first real attempt at product photography. Instead of doing something new, I thought I’d play it safe and emulate the product brochure shot. (Ya gotta start somewhere right? And copying is the highest form of flattery ) So here’s my attempt!

End Result

Wasn’t that hard to do actually. After I realized what I wanted, the hardest part was getting all of my gear out of the closet and setting it up! To get the blue light I used a bluish tinged LED that I had laying around. and propped it up. Originally I was going to use another strobe, but thought that may be completely overkill. The light goes from the viewfinder and hits the mirror so you see the blue shining through the lens. You have to be careful to not focus on the lens. Otherwise you’ll see the individual LED’s which will ruin the shot.
Behind The Scenes 2

Then it was a matter of setting up the strobe above. To soften it up I used a few more bits of see through material to dampen the light. I did have to take a few test shots, and dial down exposure compensation to get the right amount of soft light from above without having it look too harsh and lighten up the entire scene.
Behind The Scenes 3

And last but not least just focus, run back and forth to turn off the lights and presto. A nifty cool product shot.
Behind The Scenes 1
all in all it required:
1 strobe
1 flashlight
1 tripod
2 stands
1 black background
1 diffuse see through umbrella (you can probably get away with a white tshirt


About greenbeanfx

Photography is what I do =) If you wish to contact for a photoshoot, send me an email or comment on a blog with your info and I'll get back

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  1. very interesting and excellent outcome! now i need to buy the d3 so i have something worthy of a product shot. 😉

  2. hah, seems like a very expensive product shot experiment!

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