Great Park Adventure

So we went to the great park today. They had a lot of free loot that we scored. We got two free baby trees that we plan to plant. They also handed out free hotdogs, coffee, soft drinks and flowers!. By far the coolest though was the nifty birds of prey exhibit. I don’t think I’ve ever got that close to a few of these animals before. I believe it was from an animal shelter that helped out injured birds.
Here was the main attraction. The great orange balloon. This thing cost them millions of dollars, and yet people still complained! They said it went up too high, and it needed more safety, so they closed it down for a few months to make it more safe.
The best part, aside from the cutest baby owl that you’ll ever see.
is the fact that they had cool model airplane flights. These guys were insane. I think those planes must cost a pretty penny. But hey, as with any hobby, it can get quite expensive.

I took my MKIII out for a spin, to test the 10.1fps And boy did it rip. It sounded like a nice little machine gun as the planes buzzed by I was snapping away. I was more curious about the tracking abilities of the camera. They allegedly had focus tracking issues with moving subjects, and though my camera had a blue dot (post fix), i wanted to be sure. You figured if you paid 4k for a camera, the thing better bloody work like it should. And I think it did a marvelous job of tracking things in motion.
I think I could make a little film because at 10fps, it’s about 1/3rd the way there to full motion pictures (30fps). Funny though…towards the end when I was looking at my pics via the lame lcd screen, I realized everything was uber dark. Though I read the meter correctly. So I was ranting and raving, thinking I had a defective unit because If I can’t trust my meter then the camera does me no good and it would have to be returned. However, as I got home, the pics came out just fine. Lesson #1. haha trust your gear. Yes, meters can be fooled in tricky light situations, but if you can’t trust the histogram and your meter and go off of what your eyes see. Then you’re in for some big trouble. The owl pictures above was kinda an accident really. Since I noticed it was dark on the LCD, I dialed it up a notch, so it looks nice and bright with a pure white background. Turns out some accidents can be good fortune!


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