cell phones, 3 cameras, cigarettes, and Batman

What do those topics have in common? Absolutely nothing really. Just random thoughts strung together. First topic is cell phones. So I was driving home from work today to my parents place, and during a stop light, I looked around and realized, “Wow”! it’s so refreshing to have no one be on their lame cell phones. I’m wondering why this law wasn’t passed earlier! (For those living outside of California, as of July 1st, they passed a law that no one is allowed to drive with a cell phone. They need to use hands free. And if you’re under 18, I believe there’s no cell phone use at all. Yaaay! No more obnoxious people driving with one hand yapping away at a cell phone why they obliviously cut you off. I’m digging this new cell phone law.

Now, on to to cigarettes…so I drove home from my parents place, and then some wonderful chap decided to drop his used cigarette right on the road where it hit my car. How Rude…and that made me think, what is the bloody point of ash trays in the vehicle if no one bloody uses them! WTF? Why bother making them? They can just use that space for something else. Save the extra cash spent on manufacturing those clearly useless things. I think they should pass an ordinance that states if they catch you littering a used cigarette from a car, it’s triple the fine. If you want to kill yourself with cancer, that’s your business. I really could care less. But dumping it in a moving vehicle and letting it hit the car behind you is just rude. Not to mention during hot dry days, it’s a lovely fire hazard. Maybe they can be lenient. If it’s from a car that’s parked, it’s only double the fine. But if you’re on the freeway, then it’s triple.

Then there’s the 3 cameras. So I have a wedding in July that I’m pretty excited about. The people are very nice, and the location is simply stunning (Only thing that will suck is the heat). Anyways, I decided maybe to try to mix it up a little bit. Normally I carry around 2 camera bodies, to mitigate lens switching. Well every since I bought my 85L (peaches), I’ve decided that lens is just simply wonderful and deserves to be on the camera 85% of the time. That means I’m really just down to one camera. So brilliantly, I thought, “hmmm..how about lugging around 3 camera bodies?” So I practiced when I got home today, and realized a) it’s stupid heavy. b) the cameras clang and bang against each other. and c) I look like a complete freak. It reminds me of when you were a kid, and thought it was really really cool to wear not one….but three watches. Then you went to school and got picked on and beat up by the other kids. That’s what I felt like when I put three camera bodies on me.

Therefore, I’ve decide against the idea, and the couple will have to live with me only carrying 2 cameras on my person at any given time. A third option is to have a second assistant just carry around my 3rd camera at all times and will just hand to me when I ask. Haha..the very idea of that just makes me giggle like a little school girl. However, I think that idea will be scrapped because I’ll feel bad for the person just holding my camera and doing absolutely nothing. Plus I think that job will merit at most minimum wage. So the fact that a person willing to go through that ‘unfun’ job will clearly not be able to afford my 4k camera + whatever expensive lens I happen to have on it at the time, if they accidentally drop it. So that idea got nixed as well.

And finally, last but not least. Batman. Woo I’m excited to see the movie. The previews kinda make it not seem to great, but c’mon. It’s Batman!! And it’s not Joel Schumacher! The man responsible for single handedly killing Batman. Well, maybe that’s not true. I blame the movie studios for approving his crappy versions to begin with, and any money they lost in doing so was well deserved.


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