4th of July

Well my parents didn’t want to do anything this 4th of July, which was a bummer. I guess my mom didn’t want to make a big hullabaloo over it, so I spent a marvelous day staying home, playing video games, and doing absolutely nothing. Ok, well that’s a lie. I did make a short lived attempt at doing some work, but then it quickly degraded to playing ‘God of War’ part 1 on the playstation 2 that I borrowed from my friend Danny. Yes, it’s considered old technology these days, but it’s free! And it’s new to me, so I’m as happy as a clam. I realize I think I like more behind the scenes stuff than the actual content. There was a short video clip on making the game, and it made me realize. “Holy shiza”, making a game looks uber stressful. You have huge collaborative teams come together, making concept art, throwing around ideas, then prototype, development, tweaks. It just looks insanely difficult. And I remember my friend Doug once stating that he’d probably want to commit suicide if he was in game programming, and realized his masterpiece that the team spent years building ends up on the bargain bin for $9.99 So yeah, that’s one career path I’m glad I didn’t take.

But other behind the scenes stuff fascinates me. If I’m watching a video or something and I see some bloke using the camera, as sad as it seems, I usually pause the frame and instead of looking at the model, I’m trying to see what gear they’re using! There’s a lot of good stuff out there on how lights are setup, which amuses me to no end.

On the parents front, my dad is doing well. He began second round of Chemo. His body is taking it well I think, they did a pet and cat scan plus another round of blood tests to measure things. Though that reminds me, a co-worker of mine just recently had his father pass away from Cancer. Seems like an icky disease over all. Random factoid. So during autopsies, waay back in the day, they noticed that patients who died of this ‘disease’ had crab like growths within their bodies. Hence…’Cancer’ the crab like constellation from the zodiac.

My mom is still swimming every day. The times I do go to visit I try to go with her into the pool. She’s kicking butt. She hasn’t quite ventured past the 3 foot mark yet of the pool, but I suspect within a few weeks she’ll be brave enough to go towards the 4 n 5 foot areas.


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