dinner and a movie

Today was the first time in awhile that I dedicated a block of time to Chrissie. It’s been ages since we truly hung out together, let alone have dinner and a movie. For the past month, most of my time has been spent working. Either for TigerLogic, working on our new product ChunkIt! or side photography stuff, processing photos from weddings and events, or book design.

We met up with Grant and Jenie who had just come back from Hawaii, and had dinner at Outback Steakhouse (The United State’s poor excuse for Australian food). Though I somehow doubt that’s what they ate in Australia. Afterwards, we headed home and watched a movie we Netflixed, titled “Charles Bartlett”. I initially at first read the description and thought to myself, wow, this movie is going to suck. Turns out it was one of the better movie’s I’ve seen in a long while. It was about adolescents, and wanting to fit in and finding your place in the world. I’d give it a 4 out of 5. As old as this makes me sound, some scenes actually took me back reminded me of my own high school experiences. Then Chrissie and I just ‘hung out’, which I haven’t done in a long while.

I’m not Japanese, but the whole bury myself into work bit reminds me of an old saying. “Japanese men are said to be married twice. Once to their wives, and the 2nd to their work”. Maybe it’s a psychological thing. Maybe I work a lot out of guilt? I really don’t know the reasons. I do remember growing up though, my parents worked their butts off. In some way, perhaps I feel that I’m atoning for all their hard work. If they worked hard to try to raise us, so must I. Which is really odd, considering most of my youth and throughout college, I really hated school and studying (one can argue that it’s analogous to work).

So kids really do try to emulate their parents, or role models. So then the question is, what do children do when no parents or role models are present in their lives? I think of my niece, who has essentially been forced to grow up too young and take the responsibilities of taking care of her siblings, because her dad is a deadbeat. Or countless other less fortunate children who just grow up with one parent, or even zero. Do they move about in the world, paving their own path? Do they feel lost? Who do they emulate? The phrase “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” doesn’t even apply if there is no tree to fall from.


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