We’re all hitting 20 + 10

Today is my friend Johnny’s birthday. I’ve known that kid since Jr. High School, and it’s odd. Most everyone I know now is either already 30, or just about to get there. It’s not a bad age, I guess it’s the point in our lives where we’re considered ‘established’. Funny, I don’t feel that way. I can’t be established! I feel like I’m barely getting started! During the drive to Buca Di Beppo, an Italian family style eatery (which literally translates to Guiseppe’s Hole ), I got called by my friend Danny at work. Now, when Danny calls, it either means one of two things. A) We are going out to eat Pho! or B) Something is wrong at work. Seeing as we did a major release today, I immediately answered “What’s wrong” when I picked up. So the funny scene is, I’m pulled over on the side of a parking lot with a laptop, and my blackberry which I rigged as a makeshift modem on the edge network (Highly not recommended, but since it was just using a terminal to a Linux box, it wasn’t too slow). So here I am, getting a call from the Vice President getting this one issue resolved, I thought to myself. I’m in a parking lot…with all this computer equipment, and two cell phones going on my lap. Some cop is going to drive by and probably wonder what the heck am I doing? Spying on someone? The whole thing just seemed rather comical to me. Anyways, so once it was ‘mostly resolved’, I drove along my merry way to eat some pasta. Unfortunately, I knew I had some more work later that night, otherwise I would of definitely imbibe in more alcohol.


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