1st time for everything

I just had a rather cool day. Went over to my parents after work to eat dinner, and my mom asked if I wanted to go swimming with her at the pool. I said, “sure why not”. So she changes into a cool cute little bathing suit (sorta like the ones in the pictures that you see ladies wearing at the beaches in the 60’s), and then we head over to the community pool out where they live. I told her next time I’ll have to bring my camera to get her in her bathing suit (though in application, I fear that’s impossible as I highly doubt she’ll want a picture taken of her in her bathing suit).

It dawned on me, that this is literally the first time I’ve seen my mom in a bathing suit. EVER. So we’re there, (she has no clue how to swim, neither do I as a matter of fact) but we just doggie paddled and splashed around the water. Had small talk, it was sorta just fun alone mom n son time. Which I thought was rather cool, considering…we haven’t done that since…hmmm..maybe I was a little kid? So then another epiphany hit me. This was also, literally the first time I hung out in a pool with my mom! She got some exercise, and all in all, it was a good fun time, which I will have to do again another day. And a nice lady who was at the pool just stopped by for some small talk. I told her I was a software engineer, and also a photographer. She said to stop by, she’d love to see my portfolio, etc, so w00t. Maybe I’ll have a client for 2009 booked =) It was funny, she asked what kinda of camera do I have? and that She had just bought a Sony one. I told her, that’s kinda a interesting question, considering I own 3 larger ones, and a smaller point and shoot one. Anyways, the cool part was spending time with my mom, and afterwards I got a home cooked meal! (Though, that’s not saying much considering Chrissie gets me a home cooked meal almost every day), but this is “mom’s’ home cooked meal, which we all know is quite different.


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Photography is what I do =) If you wish to contact for a photoshoot, send me an email or comment on a blog with your info and I'll get back

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