Pictures of You

My Uncle from France scanned and sent me a lot of old photos. I told him I wanted to see pictures of my father when he was younger. I’m trying to piece together my family history. This picture I guess is dated at 1940.
Based solely on the fact that my Dad (who is the kid standing next to the lap of my grandfather, the gentleman sitting in the middle on the chair with the black tie) looks like he’s about 6 years old? And he was born in 1933, so I’m dating this at aprox. Early 1940’s.
Le Family Portrait
Second to the left in the front row is, Bac 8, (don’t know his name, just his number), Bac Phuoc( Uncle from France), my grandmother, Bac Hanh(Uncle from Canada), and my dad, then my grandfather. I don’t quite know who the rest of the people are, except the women behind in the second row must be my aunts. It’s strange…I always knew my Dad as, well…My Dad! Here he is, a little boy, probably running around, causing mischief, etc. He too was young at one point, and it’s just strange to see him as anything other than my father.

And here is a picture of my Dad who I’m guessing is my age now (Or a little older). I’m guessing he’s 35 years old here, which would date this picture at 1968
Here he is with my Oldest half brother, “Bang Le”, and my grandmother who passed away 1 year before I was even born. Which is a tale to be mentioned later. It was quite sad when I heard the story of how she passed away. My mom was in tears when she told me. I find these pictures extremely fascinating. It takes me back to a whole different world and era that I never knew. Since stories are few and far between in my family, the people in these images only live in my imagination. What’s even more scary, is all these children are now about 85 years old now. My father is the youngest child and he’s 75 years old. This means, as eerie and odd as this sounds, in about 10 years or less, an entire generation will be wiped out. My Dad’s older sister was born during the first World War! All that’s left will be their children, and children’s children (of whom I barely know). So this got me thinking, once the old guard fades into memories, there will be no-one to pass on stories of that era. So It’s really my duty to try to accumulate these stories, so I can somewhat make an attempt to pass it down to my kids.


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