Chrissie, myself and the hippo went to the Original Pancake house that just opened up near my neighborhood on Chapman. We tried to go last time, but I had an emergency bat phone call from work, so we couldn’t make it. This time, all was quiet on the western front, so we got to eat some tasty pancakes. First….my review. They were good looking, but nothing to write home about. I got the blueberry pancakes, and Chrissie got the ‘Dutch Boy’ (which I admit were tasty). The Blueberry one on the other hand was lackluster. Now for the icky part. They don’t give you sides, so you have to order them separate! A side of potatoes and sausages were like 6 dollars extra. What’s that? Highway robbery you say? Well I wouldn’t mind, except I think they were by far the worse sausages I’ve tasted. It’s like they steamed them in a vat of fat. People….You are supposed to fry sausages! At any rate, we have tried, we have ate…and next time….we shall go to Mimi’s or dare I say…IHOP or Dennys.
Their coffee was meh…too strong for Chrissie (I thought it was fine), but their coffee mugs…tsk tsk. They were tiny. Call me silly, but I’m used to a big fat mug of coffee at home, so when these itty bitty mugs came out. I kissed my two plus dollars goodbye! Don’t get me started on how yummy McDonalds Iced coffee tastes (for the same price)



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