An odd discovery and a random childhood memory

I had a rather long and painful day at work today (I’ve had worse, but today was pretty icky). I get home at around 20:15, settle in, and as I’m standing there in my kitchen waiting for the water to boil from my coffee (need the juice for the 2nd part of my day), a pleasant random memory popped into my head.

I remember once, a long time ago when I was about 7 or 8 years old, I did store a lot of junk and toys underneath my bed. Except one day (fairly close to Christmas), I looked down below and discovered a completely unaccounted for, blue, plastic device. I couldn’t quite figure out what it was for. All that was in my mind was, wow! a new thingymagig toy to play with! (despite not knowing that the heck it was meant to do).

I played with my blue, square, plastic box for a bit. It got dull really quick of course. I mean, how many things can you come up with. It was literally a blue plastic box. It wasn’t until days later, when my parents presented me with the other pieces of the puzzle. It was a toy construction set. But it was nifty because it had automated parts, and choking hazards galore! (this was clearly pre mad crazy litigation days). But I put the pieces together, and it was somewhat akin to that one board game (mouse trap), only instead of a scrawny rodent, they were battery operated construction vehicles, that went around a track, pushing, shoving, transporting these little white pellets that would make a modern day lawyer cream in their pants. Gee, lets make kids toys look like cereal pellets so they can swallow them whole! I digress, clearly I a small modicum of intelligence and knew it wasn’t the best idea to start cramming foreign objects into my mouth.

At any rate, so my random thought was, It occurred to me they never quite gave me the box to unwrap, or even the instruction manual for the thing! And I realize now (yeah, I’m a slow adult) that they most likely purchased it for a garage sale, or goodwill. Some hand me down place. parents, we had very little, and what low income they did have, they took the time to allocate a small percentage of that to my choking hazard. That’s love right there baby.


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