fathers day

Welp, it’s coming up shortly. I’m sure our family will do something for fathers day. My mom alluded to a family picnic. On June 16th, he’s going to start a low dose of chemo therapy to see how he his body will take it. I’m going to write or make my dad a card. I wrote a letter to him dated May 5th. This was the first few days after his surgery in the hospital, while I was visiting him every day. I wrote this down while he was asleep, thinking I would give it to him as soon as he recovered. However, I haven’t quite given it to him yet. So I think for sure Fathers day will be the day I’ll give it to him.

I had dinner with my parents tonight. It was funny, I was pretty tired from doing post processing late into the hours of the night yesterday, so after dinner, I feel asleep on their couch. His chair was situated right next to the couch I was sleeping on, and he was watching the news. I held his hand as I drifted off to lala land. The thoughts that ran through my head right before the sheep I was counting knocked me out was, “what a pleasant feeling. I feel as if I’m a 5yr old boy again, and Dad is right there next to me holding my hand as I curl off into a ball and nap from a hard day of running around with my Asian bowl haircut”. And then the realization as an adult set in, and I almost panicked. I don’t want to let him go.

my letter:
May 5th, 2008

Dear Dad,

I love you. You are the most intelligent, inventive, and strongest man that I know. All I can hope for is to make you proud of me. I don’t know if I have told you enough times that I love you. You are my father, my light…my mentor. I really don’t know what I would ever do without you. I have to try to be strong, just like you.

I want to thank you for raising and taking care of me. You are the best father anyone could ever have. I know it was very difficult for both you and Mom to come over here to America, and try to go to school, raise two kids, and take care of Grandfather. I know you are sad that Trung and I don’t get along. I promise I will make every effort to take care of my brother. I know he doesn’t express it, but he loves you very much too. Thank you for enduring all the hardships so that we can have a better life. Thank you for taking care of me when I was sick. You’ve taught me many things growing up, and I can hope that I will be able to one day pass some of that knowledge down to my sons or daughters.

Your son, Nghia Le


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  1. What a poignant entry. Your letter to your father was ripe with admiration and gratitude for the man that you love most in your life.

  2. thanks! wow, I didn’t know anyone read this thing this late at night =)

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