Taking the new car for a spin

I spent a little over an hour setting up and tweaking the settings on my camera this morning. I was itching to take it for a test drive, so I brought it along with me to my parents place. It performed marvelously. Here are my thoughts of the camera from a recreational point of view. Ok, never mind I take that back. No one needs this camera for recreational purposes. It would be like taking a Ferrari to a go-cart race. It’s just overkill. So, I used it for recreation, but tried to envision and predict how it would act in the field. In the area of low light/non flash performance, it exceeded my expectations. Shooting with fast glass, and at ISO1600 to 3200 is not a problem for this camera, and there is little noise. This plays a very important role for shooting dimly lit receptions and your flash decides to fail you. Or if they’re doing a bouquet toss or champagne. Case in point. (the image is truncated due to the margin size of the blog, but it is used to illustrate a point.
It pretty much is a little video of the groom popping the champagne cork. That was shot with a 1DMKII with a 35mm@1.8. Iso 1250 The image was mostly clean, but just think of the Mark III of being even cleaner and capturing more frames! The new camera I can describe as a brand new car. It’s a bit rough around the edges, and I just feel too guilty to push it hard because it’s so new. I feel that it needs to be broken in a bit. Drive it past the 500 miles before driving it past 80mph. The shutter on the MKIII isn’t as ‘sensitive’ as I would like. You may ask yourself why does it matter? Well if you’re clicking something thousands of times a day, being a tad sensitive (easy to trigger) makes things easier on the sore finger. But aside from that, it’s still like the fancy sports car that you’d just want to drive on the weekends slowly around the block. Whereas the 1DMKII/5D, is just a workhorse that I’d use every single day to take care of business (hence why I got rid of the 30D, instead of the MKII). Maybe I just need a few weeks to get rid of that new car smell.


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